The Mo-EL Company: Ecology And People

No matter how long it takes and how much research needs to be done, MO-EL wants to make useful products that have a low impact on the environment, not only during production and use but also at the end of their lives.
All our efforts are directed towards the environment and as a result towards the people who depend on it.
Therefore MO-EL products must be harmless not just during use but afterwards too.
For this reason, making products that last a long time and are easy to recycle when no longer needed has become essential for the MO-EL team, a starting point which we cannot change.

Usability is another feature of our products, even their shape is designed to enable them to be used in the right way, and the packaging contains usage advice and for the insect killers diagrams to help select the position of the traps.

The boxes (made from recycled material) follow the same corporate image and show photographs suggesting a possible application for each model.

Collaboration with universities, entomological research and field tests are all undertaken before our products are allowed into production.

At the same time, quality institutes evaluate safety and durability. Therefore, a MO-EL product will be not only effective but also usable, safe and ideal for professional or domestic use.


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