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Infrared and patio outdoor heaters – Infrared lamps

Mo-El started manufacturing infrared heaters and patio outdoor heaters in 2004. Mo-El is the first, original, patented, IP65 water resistant infrared heater. All the infrared heaters models are made in Italy, they got Italian design, engineering and manufacturing. Mo-el infrared heaters are certified IMQ (key mark like nemko or VDE) and comply with the strictest European regulations.

Mo-El infrared heaters are classified F class (burning resistance) and K07 (shock resistance) The life of Mo-El heaters is quite long: more than 5.000 hours (between 5.000 and 8.000 hours according to our life test) Mo-El infrared heaters is short wave, IRA, that means high performance, immediate warming even in case of cold wind. Indeed it works by radiation, like sun rays. Heating by infrared provides high savings comparing with gas heating. Furthermore Mo-El infrared heaters don’t need glass covering, that means no heat dispertion.

The infrared heaters, with uv-a lamps and infrared lamps can be installed in many applications: smoking area for bar, pub, restaurant, disco, hotels is the main application. Other common applications for patio outdoor heaters: terraces, gardens, churches, warehouses, farms, green houses. Fiore is the cheapest model, industrial design.

Another industrial heater is Hathor, modular units from 2.000w up to 6.000w power. Other models like Sharklite or Petalo are more design oriented, for smart and trendy places. Infrared heating is replacing gas heating in many places, day by day more and more, as infrared is safer comparing with gas (no risk of fire or explosion) not to mention it is easier to switch on/off and can be fixed wall mounted, or by free standing or by chains to the ceiling, avoiding daily move and storage.

Mo-El infrared heaters are fitted with uv-a lamps, infrared lamps, white lamps, ruby (red) lamps or gold lamps. Firefly infrared heater is suitable for sun umbrellas. You can close the sun umbrella leaving the Firefly infrared heating inside.

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