The first question we ask ourselves when we start a new project is: can we achieve our objective by saving as much energy as possible, avoiding wasting materials and taking less time?
Then we ask: will the customer’s health benefit through using this product? Will it alleviate fatigue?
While these considerations are merely economic factors for other companies, here at MO-EL they form our basic philosophy. We only move on to the production stage when the answer to them is yes.


Our products respect the environment both during production and during their working lives; they do not emit radiation or harmful electromagnetic waves and do not use chemicals or poisons.

We take care to limit the number of components in our products and to choose the materials so as to avoid waste and increase the possibility of recycling when they are no longer used.
This attention extends to packaging (recycled cardboard) and casing (recycled plastics).


MO-EL’s first and absolute priority is the researching and use of technologies that are able to offer the highest levels of safety and quality.

Our products undergo stringent testing within the Company, and are then tested by the official laboratories of the certification Institutes (IMQ in Italy, CSA in Canada, etc.)
Our ISO 9001 certification is proof of the high quality standards which MO-EL has attained.


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