Insect killers

The CRI CRI zapper is the most famous and efficient insect trap. CRI CRI zapper attracts insects with its high performance UV-A light and zaps them in a flashlight.

In the same way of the MO-stick fly boards trap and Insectivoro, the CRI CRI zapper does not require any chemicals or pheromones refill, in fact it acts on the natural instinct of insects which leads them towards humid places. Mosquitoes, fly and other insects aim to reach their habitat, and as they approach the source of this appealing light these insects are eliminated.

CRI CRI is installed allover the World where pest control is required, it does not matter if indoor or outdoor, in fact the CRI CRI zapper is IPX4 rated (versions 308, 307 and 305).

Safety is guaranteed by the best components and it respects the strictest electrical certification. Insectivoro and MO-Stick complete the MO-EL’s pest control catalogue with glue board products and Fan operated bug traps.

MO-EL’s supply a bug solution for various critical areas, such as HACCP requirements in food processing, pest control for outdoor life against mosquitoes and flies and also for domestic use. The CRI CRI zapper is also a reliable defense from insects in farming and agriculture, where the range of products is completed by the low maintenance CRI CRI Turbine mosquito and fly eliminator.

CRI CRI Zapper is the fastest and natural solutions against mosquitoes, flies and many other flying insects.